Code Enforcement 270-614-1040

Code Enforcement Officer
Sheryl Pena


Position Purpose
Under the supervision of the Building Inspector enforces compliance with the City building codes.  Most fieldwork is done independently and requires knowledge of applicable regulations and construction methods combined with skill in explaining standards and reasons to builders and the public. Responsible for Citizens Response Program and all related tasks.  Work is subject to annual audit, report reviews, and complaints investigated by the Building Appeals Board & Code Enforcement Board. 
Essential Functions and Basic Duties:           
  • Inspects buildings in the process of construction for compliance with the building code requirements.
  • Inspects sites before construction for practicability of plans.
  • Checks site and checks construction in process.
  • Inspects alteration and repair job.
  • Checks roof and foundation connections for building additions.
  • Inspects other work in process.
  • Receives applications and plans, computes fees.
  • Issues building, occupancy and razing permits.
  • Collects applicable fees.
  • Answers inquiries concerning building code requirements.
  • Inspects dwellings for compliance with code and takes necessary action.
  • Enforces property maintenance code.
  • Administers condemnation procedures.
  • Provides daily report to the Mayor on complaints, their progress, and resolution.
  • Performs other related duties as required.