Minutes of Agencies, Boards, Commissions & Committees

A complete listing of all agencies, boards, commissions, and committees is available here.

From Kentucky Attorney General:Open Records/Open Meetings Alert/Attention, all:

  • County Judge/Executives
  • Mayors
  • County Attorneys
  • City Attorneys
  • Superintendents Of Public Schools
  • School District Attorneys
  • Presidents of Postsecondary Educational Institutions
  • University Counsel

Since 2005, you have received a packet of materials from the Office of the Attorney General relating to the Open Records/Open Meetings Acts and records management. The Attorney General distributes this information under an assigned duty codified at KRS 15.257. Pursuant to companion legislation found at KRS 65.055(1), 160.395(1), and 164.465(1), you are required to discharge the following duties on a continuing basis.

Distribute written materials
You must distribute Guide to Kentucky Open Records and Open Meetings Act (PDF) and Managing Government Records (PDF), either electronically or in hard copy, to each newly elected official or elected or appointed member, as described below, within sixty days of the day their term of office begins. The distribution may be by electronic means​.

For County Judge/Executives, Mayors, City Attorneys, County Attorneys, this includes “each elected official and each member, whether elected or appointed, of every county and city legislative body, local government board, commission, authority, and committee, including boards of special districts.”

For Superintendents of Public School Districts and School District Attorneys, this includes “each elected school board member and each school based decision making council member.”

For Presidents of State Postsecondary Educational Institutions and University Counsel, this includes “each board of regents or governing board member of their university.”

Obtain signatory Proof of Receipt
You must obtain signed proof from each official or member that he or she received the documents.

Provide him or her with a copy of the Proof ​of Receipt (PDF).

Ask him or her to complete the bottom portion of the Proof of Receipt and return to you (or your employee designated to maintain the Proofs of Receipt). Maintain the Proofs of Receipt on your agency’s premises as part of your agency’s records. DO NOT RETURN THE PROOFS OF RECEIPT TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

*Page developed: January 12, 2021


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