City Government

City of Glasgow has a Mayor and 9 member City Council form of Government which sets policy through municipal orders, ordinances and resolutions Ordinance No. 2019-2413

City Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Glasgow City Hall Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 126 East Public Square, Glasgow, KY 42141.

1. The Mayor-Council form is the most prevalent form of City Government throughout the United States and in Kentucky.

2. Each City organized under the mayor-council plan must have an elected executive, who is called the Mayor and an elected executive body called the City Council. KRS 83A.130(2) and KRS 83A.030(1).

3. The number of members on the City Council shall be no fewer than six nor more than 12 as prescribed by ordinance. KRS 83A.030(1).

4. The distinguishing characteristic of the Mayor-Council form of city government is the clear separation of powers between the executive (Mayor) and the legislative (City Council) branches of government. All of the executive and administrative authority is vested by statute in the Mayor. KRS 83A.130(3). The City Council is expressly prohibited from performing any executive (or administrative) functions unless those functions have been assigned to it by statute. KRS 83A.130(11). With few exceptions, the Council is restricted to performing the legislative functions for the city. The executive branch and the legislative branch are intended to be separate, but coequal, branches of government. It is very similar to the structure of the state government where the executive/administrative authority is vested in the Governor and the legislative authority is vested in the General Assembly.

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