City Departments

In addition to the Mayor and the City Council, the City Government is made up of eight (8) departments as well as several supplemental divisions and groups.

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At our Quadrant #1 meeting 9/30/19 it was suggested we post who to call for potholes for City and State Roads. Thank You for your suggestion and here is the information:

City Streets in Glasgow Call Glasgow DPW 270-651-5977

State Roads in Glasgow:
For State Roads "Report A Pothole"  Contact Us/KYTC


Hwy. 90 (E. Main St., W. Main St.),
Hwy. 31 (North Jackson Hwy., N. Race St., S. Race St., Scottsville Rd.)
Hwy. 68/80 (Columbia Ave., Edmonton Rd.)
By-Pass 31 (S L Rogers Wells Blvd., S L Rogers Wells Blvd)
Hwy. 1297 (Cleveland Ave. Only Past By-Pass., Cleveland Ave. From By-Pass to Leslie, Roseville, Rd., South Fork Rd.)
Hwy. 63 (Mill St., Woodlawn St., Veterans Outer Loop, New Salem Rd.)