Proclamations can be found here.

Proclamations are provided by the Mayor’s Office as a service to Glasgow residents with the goal of honoring and celebrating events or increasing awareness of noteworthy issues among citizens in Glasgow. These public service documents are strictly honorary and are not legally binding. Proclamation requests are on a case-by-case basis and the Mayor’s Office reserves the right to decline any request for a proclamation as well as the right to make exceptions to the guidelines and procedures.

Guidelines and Procedures

Proclamations may recognize a day, week, or month.
Proclamations must have Glasgow significance.
Proclamations are issued for one event only per request.
Proclamations are not automatically renewed. Requests must be made on an annual basis.
Any draft language submitted may be edited or revised at the discretion of the Mayor’s Office.
Do you want a Proclamation? Call the Mayor’s office at 270-651-5131.

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