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2021 Labor Day Holiday Closing Notice

Glasgow Dept. of Public Works asks that everyone to please be aware that it is unlawful to to throw upon sidewalks or streets: Rocks. Brush. Grass. Weeds. Trash. Or any other substance from your premises or permit that matter to be thrown or fall upon the sidewalks or streets within the City Limits of Glasgow.
When mowing please refrain from grass being blown on sidewalks, streets and stormdrains.
Thank You
2021 04 14 Grass in Street Picture


Roger Simmons


Assistant superintendent

Lincoln Bell


Stormwater Manager
April Russell

Administrative Assistant
Kim Jackson


 Transit Manager
Wendy Houchens

Landfill Manager
Shawn Simmons


Our office can be contacted at:

Department of Public Works
310 West Front Street
Glasgow, KY 42141

Phone (270) 651-5977
Fax: (270) 651-3726

Email: pworks@cityofglasgow.org

The City of Glasgow Department of Public Works normal business hours are Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. Emergency service responses are dispatched through the Glasgow Police Department outside normal business hours. The Department is generally supervised by the Superintendent, who is responsive to the City's Mayor. Department of Public Works has a core staff of 38 full time men and women. Additional part time positions are filled seasonally, to address the leaf collection program.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of parts of the City's infrastructure, including collection and disposal of solid waste, storm water systems, roads, recycling, sidewalks, parking lots and the bus system.

The City of Glasgow contracts for engineering services that support the Department of Public Works. Capital projects, major improvements and upgrades to infrastructure are engineered and released for bid. Money for capital projects is allocated in the general revenue funds for each year, according to the needs of the City.

The Department of Public Works has an enormous task in maintaining the City's ever-growing, ever-disintegrating vital network of underground and over-the-ground storm water systems, vehicle and pedestrian transportation routes, public parking structures, solid waste collection and disposal, extensive sidewalk routes, all of which are seasoned with a frequency of emergency scenarios generated by our unpredictable weather, environment, corrosion, the physics of stress, and occasionally by man's uncautioned intervention. Regardless, we at the Department of Public Works are persistent in our mission to serve the City of Glasgow's 14,400 people and we will endeavor to provide our traditionally high level of public services to the community.