Legal Notices/Publications

KRS 83A.060(9) specifies that, except in cities of the first class, no ordinance is effective until it is published in accordance with KRS Chapter 424. Ordinances may be published in accordance with KRS Chaper 424. Ordinances may be published in full or in summary as designated by the legislative body. If the legislative body elects to publish an ordinance in summary, the summary must be prepared or certified by an attorney licensed to practice law in the Commonwelth of Kentucky, and must include the following:

a. The title of the ordinance;
b. A brief narrative setting forth the main points of the ordinance in a way reasonably calculated to inform the public in a clear and understandable mannner of the meaning of the ordinance; and
c. The full text of each section of the ordinance that imposes taxes or fees.

KRS 83A.060(9) also provides that ordinances that include descriptions of real property may include a sketch, drawing, or map, including common landmarks, such as streets or roads, in lieu of metes and bounds descriptions.

20 RS HB 351/VO
Section 73

Publishing Requirements: Notwithstanding KRS 83A.060, 91A.040 and Chapter 424, a county containing a population of more than 90,000 or any city within a county containing a population of more than 90,000 as determined by the 2010 United States Census, may publish enacted ordinances, audits, and bid solicitations by posting the full ordinance, the full audit report including the auditor's opinion letter or the bid solicitation on an Internet Web site maintained by the county or city government for a period of at least one (1) year. If a county or city publishes ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations on an Internet Web site, the county or city shall also publish an advertisement, in a newspaper qualified in accordance with KRS 424.120, with a description of the ordinances, audits, or bid solicitations published on the Internet Web site, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) where the documents can be viewed. Any advertisement required to be published in a newspaper under KRS Chapter 424 shall contain the following statement at the end of the advertisement:
"This advertisement was paid for by (insert the name of the government body required to advertise in a newspaper) using taxpayer dollars in the amount of $(insert the amount paid for the advertisement)."