2019 Ordinances

Ordinance No. 2019-2949 Revoking All Prior Ordinances Relating to Job Descriptions for Employees
Ordinance No. 2019-2948 Amending GPD SOP Policy #2.03 Policy #7.6 Policy #17.7 Policy #17.11
Ordinance No. 2019-2947 Amendment Relating to Chapter 90 "Animals"
Ordinance No. 2019-2946 Amending Ordinance Numbers No. 2018-2930 through No. 2019-2413
Ordinance No. 2019-2945 Amending Zoning Ordinance, Re-Zoning Property at 855 N. L. Rogers Wells Blvd.
Ordinance No. 2019-2944 Adopting Supplement 2019 S-43 to Code of Ordinances
Ordinance No. 2019-2943 Decreasing Numerical Composition of City Council
Ordinance No. 2019-2942 Establishing the 2019 Tax Rate for City of Glasgow
Ordinance No. 2019-2941 Amendment of Rules and Regulations Affecting Collection of Garbage
Ordinance No. 2019-2940 Authorizing Fort Knox Credit Union Access To American Legion Park
Ordinance No. 2019-2939 Adopting Supplement 2019 S-42 to Code of Ordinances
Ordinance No. 2019-2938 Organization Standing Committee The Entertain Glasgow Committee
Ordinance No. 2019-2937 Re-Zoning Property Cavalry Drive and S. L. Rogers Wells Blvd.
Ordinance No. 2019-2936 Adopting Budget FY 7-1-2019 through 6-30-2020
Ordinance No. 2019-2935 Amending Annual Budget FY 2018-2019
Ordinance No. 2019-2934 Increasing Funds Contributed to Economic Development FY 2019-2020
Ordinance No. 2019-2933 Re-Zoning 115 Lenna Drive
Ordinance No. 2019-2932 Amending Pre-Hire Testing Procedures
Ordinance No. 2019-2931 Amending Annual Budget FY 2018-2019