Glasgow/Barren County Tourist Convention Commission

Minutes available here.

MemberMunicipal OrderTermExpiration Date
Byran Sorrell #1035 3 Years06/30/2026
Melissa Gibson #940 3 Years06/30/2024
Ale Gomez Garcia #941 3 Years06/30/2024
Chris Hobdy #942 3 Years06/30/2024
Amy Vann #1036 3 Years06/30/2026
Sarah Young #977 3 Years06/30/2025

Meets 2nd Tuesday each month @ 1:00 p.m. @ Glasgow-Barren County Tourism, 118 East Public Square, Glasgow, KY 42141.

Promote tourism to the County and City. Sponsorships are in place to help market the advertising folks need to spread their event so people know about it. If the commission receives money, they will create a detailed report on how it affected tourism, and how the event brought in visitors and money for local businesses.

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