Glasgow Fire Department Enhances Skills Through Hands-On Training at Donated Building Downtown

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Glasgow Fire Department training on donated building on W Main Street.


Glasgow, June 11th, 2024 – The Glasgow Fire Department is committed to maintaining a high level of skill and expertise to effectively serve and protect our community. To achieve this, the department regularly conducts hands-on training exercises that incorporate best practices, techniques, and tools used in emergency response scenarios.

Downtown buildings located at 101-111 West Public Square were donated to the city of Glsagow in February of 2024. Before the scheduled demolition, the department utilized this section of the building to simulate real-life emergency situations. These drills included wall breaches, self-rescue techniques, survival scenarios, and the rescue of hard-to-reach victims. Firefighters practiced utilizing a range of tools, such as sledgehammers, Halligan bars, pike poles, and axes, to enhance their rescue capabilities.

Battalion Chief Lucas Tinsley commented on the training exercises, stating, “Our objective was to focus on building construction and understand how different building types present varying risk factors. This knowledge allows us to determine the most effective tactics to employ in different situations.”

To ensure our firefighters remain prepared and informed, they undergo annual training courses that exceed the minimum required hours. These comprehensive trainings equip our personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond swiftly and effectively in emergency situations.

Mayor Henry Royse of Glasgow expressed his support for the fire department’s utilization of the building. He stated, “This is an excellent example of maximizing the use of donated property to provide our firefighters with real-world training opportunities. Our next step will involve the removal of the building to construct a safe retention wall for the adjacent city parking lot.”

The historic buildings surrounding the square have stood for generations, each with its unique architectural characteristics. These structures differ significantly from residential homes and other businesses in town. The opportunity to train inside these older buildings on the square is invaluable, particularly for our newest recruits. Given that most of these buildings are occupied, such opportunities are rare and greatly enhance our firefighters’ skills and understanding of diverse building types.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Chief Rock
Glasgow Fire Department
Phone: (270) 651-5170

Mayor Henry Royse
City of Glasgow
Phone: (270) 651-5131

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