The City of Glasgow is proud to announce that it has been awarded a significant grant allocated through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP) of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that will support the rehabilitation of airfield lighting at the Glasgow Airport.

This grant, totaling $750,000, underscores the commitment of Congressman Brett Guthrie in
securing crucial investments for the enhancement of local infrastructure. Community Project
Funding requests are congressionally directed spending requests submitted by Members of
Congress for their respective congressional districts to the Committee on Appropriations for
potential inclusion in the appropriations process.

Mayor Henry Royse expressed his gratitude for the funding, stating, “This grant is a testament to
the collaborative efforts of our community and our commitment to ensuring the safety and
efficiency of our airport. The rehabilitation of airfield lighting will not only enhance safety but
also contribute to the economic vitality of our region.”

The project, titled “Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting,” addresses the urgent need to replace outdated
lighting infrastructure at the Glasgow Airport (GLW). This new lighting system will significantly
enhance visibility during critical operations, such as takeoffs and landings, ensuring a safer and
more efficient experience for all airport users.

April Russell, City Administrator, highlighted the importance of the project, stating, “The current
airfield lighting at Glasgow Airport has exceeded its useful life and poses operational challenges.
With this grant, we can implement a modern LED lighting system that will improve safety,
reliability, and energy efficiency.”

County Judge Executive Jamie Byrd emphasized the broader benefits of the project, saying,
“Investing in airport infrastructure is vital for the economic development and connectivity of
our region. This project will not only enhance safety for pilots and passengers but also support
the growth of businesses and tourism in Glasgow and surrounding areas.”

The project is scheduled to commence on April 1, 2024, with completion expected by
September 30, 2024. The City of Glasgow will provide the required matching funds for the
project, with potential additional support from the Kentucky Department of Aviation.

For more information about the grant and the Airport Improvement Project, please contact April
Russell at 270-651-5131 or via email at

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