Fire Prevention

At the Glasgow Fire Department, we firmly believe that prevention is paramount in our mission to keep our community safe. By educating our community about fire prevention, we can significantly reduce the risk of fire incidents. Here are some essential tips that you can implement at home to help us help you:

  1. Teach your children fire safety: Ensure that children understand the dangers of playing with matches or lighters. Educate them on the importance of fire safety from an early age.  Be sure to include education and practice of exiting your home.

  2. Obtain a burn permit: Before burning anything within the city limits, make sure to obtain a burn permit. This helps regulate controlled burns and prevents accidental fires.

  3. Items permitted to burn: Brush and limbs are the only materials that can be burned legally within the city limits.

  4. Avoid burning tires: Burning tires releases harmful toxins into the air and can pose serious health risks. Refrain from burning tires under any circumstances.

  5. Exercise caution when burning: Always have a water source nearby when burning, and wet the area surrounding the burning site before ignition.

  6. Monitor weather conditions: Stay informed about weather conditions such as dryness, wind speed, and wind direction before engaging in any burning activities.

  7. Never use gasoline to fuel fires: Using gasoline can lead to uncontrollable flames and dangerous situations. Never pour gasoline onto a fire.

  8. Keep children away from burning areas: Ensure that children are kept at a safe distance from any burning activities to prevent accidents and injuries.

  9. Be mindful of surroundings: Check your surroundings for nearby homes, vehicles, and businesses before starting any fires. Maintain a safe distance from flammable objects.

  10. Never leave a fire unattended: Always supervise fires until they are completely extinguished. Never leave a burning fire unattended, as it can quickly escalate into a dangerous situation.

For additional information and resources on fire safety and prevention, we encourage you to visit the following government websites:

Remember, fire prevention starts with each one of us. By following these tips and staying informed, together, we can create a safer community for everyone. Thank you for your commitment to fire safety.

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