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City of Glasgow Announces Closure of Downtown Parking Garage Sections For Repairs

Glasgow, KY | JUNE 22, 2024

The City of Glasgow has made an important announcement regarding the closure of specific sections of the downtown parking garage. After a thorough evaluation, it has been determined that the structure is nearing its ‘end of service’ phase. Originally constructed in the 1980s, the city recognizes the need for immediate action to ensure public safety.

Earlier this year, the City of Glasgow enlisted the expertise of Qk4 Engineering and Planning, a distinguished structural consulting firm based in Louisville, to conduct a comprehensive condition assessment inspection. On May 22nd of this year, Qk4 engineers meticulously examined the parking garage and presented their final report to Department of Public Works director, Jim McGowan, and his team on Thursday, June 20th. A hard copy of the report was subsequently received on Friday, June 21st.

The inspection revealed several areas of concern within the parking structure, namely the pedestrian walkway connecting the public square, the elevator shaft, and the West entrance bridge off of North Race Street. The report highlighted various issues, including cracks, loose concrete hanging from the ceiling of the first floor, and previous concrete patching concerns.

Qk4 engineers noted that structures of this nature have a limited life expectancy. McGowan emphasized the significance of a detailed inspection to prioritize public safety and the protection of adjacent structures. He commended Qk4 Engineering for their esteemed reputation in the field.

While certain parts of the parking structure will remain open, the City of Glasgow deems it necessary to close specific sections in order to expedite the assessment of repairs, replacements, and the subsequent steps required.

“With this closure, we can promptly focus on evaluating what can be repaired, what must be replaced, and determine the necessary actions moving forward,” said McGowan. He reassured the public that their safety will always be the top priority as the city addresses this situation.

For more information or inquiries, please refer to the attached sketch or contact:

Jim McGowan, Department of Public Works
270 651-5977

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