Executive Orders

No. 2020-209 Executive Order In Re: City of Glasgow, KY Response to COVID-19 Emergency

No. 2020-207 Executive Order Returning City Transit to Regular Schedule

No. 2020-206 Executive Order  Providing Leave Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act

No. 2020-205 Executive Order Revising Resolution No 2020-2446 FAST ACT

No. 2020-204 Executive Order GPD SOP Policy 1.17 Law Enforcement COVID19 Response

No. 2020-203 Executive Order Relating to Emergency Changes to the City Bus Schedule COVID-19

No. 2020-202 Executive Order Personnel Guidelines during DOE due to COVID-19

No. 2020-201 Executive Order Providing for Administrative Leave For Employees COVID-19

No. 2020-200 Executive Order Families First Coronavirus Response Act COVID-19

No. 2020-199 Executive Order Mayor Executive Functions COVID-19

No. 2020-198 Executive Order Limiting Access to City Hall COVID-19

No. 2020-197 Executive Order Glasgow Declaration of A Local State of Emergency COVID-19