Community Unity: Building Accessibility, Spreading Hope

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In the heart of Glasgow, a small act of kindness and community spirit recently unfolded, showcasing the true essence of togetherness and compassion. Carolyn Christensen, a member of the Glasgow community, faced a challenge many of us can relate to – a simple need for accessibility to her home.


Carolyn had received a citation for having wood laying around outside her home, which she intended to use for building a ramp to improve accessibility. However, due to physical limitations, she was unable to construct it herself. That’s when a chain of events began, showcasing the power of community.


Upon reaching out to the Code Enforcement Officer, Sheryl, Carolyn shared her predicament and her sincere desire to make her home more accessible. Recognizing the need Sheryl directed her to a local church that offers help to those in similar predicaments, the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ.


Without a second thought, the church took on Carolyn’s project, understanding the importance of accessibility and community support. They rallied together, dedicating their time, effort, and resources to help build the ramp Carolyn needed. 

Acts of kindness like this remind us that no challenge is too big when we stand together, ready to lend a helping hand. After all, it’s this unity that truly defines our community and makes Glasgow a wonderful place to call home.

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