Mission Statement:

The Glasgow Fire Department is dedicated to our community through Safety, Service, and Excellence

Historical Background:

The Glasgow Fire Department was established in 1884 as a bucket brigade. The department was at that time a volunteer department. Whenever a fire was reported, a local hardware store was opened and the buckets were brought out, with water being used from the big spring located just off the square in Glasgow. The first hose cart was purchased in 1890, the first truck in 1919 and the first pumper in 1925. The pumper is still maintained at the fire station located on Broadway. It is now referred to as Granny and is used in various community events. In 1942, the station was located on West Wayne Street and manned by 5 volunteers sleeping in the upstairs and getting paid $10.00 a month. The station was later located in the public safety building on South Broadway. A second fire station was opened in 1975 on Cross Street.

Over the years the size of the department has grown to a total of 40 with 36 firefighting personnel working 24 hour shifts. The Administrative staff consists of Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Chief and Administrative Assistant. The department is dispatched by an enhanced 911 system.

Certification as a firefighter requires 300 training hours in specified fields to be completed within one year. Thereafter firefighters must maintain at least 100 hours training per year. All firefighters are required to participate in the department’s physical fitness program. Training is administered daily to on-duty personnel.

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