How to report a lost and found pet

Our furry friends can sometimes lose their way. With the proper identification, it can be easy to locate the owner. However, for instances where the animal does not have tags, there is a way to report that animal as being lost and found.

Glasgow City Clean-Up Week 2024: Clearing the Clutter for a Cleaner Community

As springtime blossoms upon us, it’s that time of the year again – Glasgow City Clean-Up Week! This annual event is our golden opportunity to declutter our living spaces, tidy up and contribute to the overall cleanliness of our city. Residents opting to take items to the landfill will be charged a fee, therefore, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of our pre-scheduled free curbside collection.

2024 Code Enforcement Citations

Date Issued Citation Number Address Status 04/17/2024 2024-00051-1 213 S L Rogers Wells Blvd Pending 04/10/2024 2023-00013-3 405 Sorenson Ave Paid/Waived 04/10/2024 2024-00005-2 229 Sunset Ave Final 04/10/2024 2024-00015-4 302 Humble Ave Final 04/10/2024 2024-00049-2 206 Newman St Final 04/01/2024 2024-00024-1 900 S Lewis St Final 03/28/2024 2024-00015-3 302 Humble Ave Final 03/27/2024 2023-00462-5 116 […]

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