A Guide to City Laws & Regulations Regarding Animal Welfare

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Defining Responsibility: General Provisions

Abandonment Defined
Leaving an animal unattended for over 24 hours without necessary provisions is considered abandonment. Glasgow recognizes the importance of regular care and attention to ensure our animals thrive.

Cruelty to Animals
The city takes a strong stance against cruelty to animals, emphasizing intentional mistreatment, neglect, and fighting. Exceptions are provided for activities authorized by law, such as licensed hunting or processing for commercial purposes.

Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats
Owners are obligated to provide their dogs and cats with proper care, including food, water, shelter, veterinary attention, and humane treatment. This ordinance ensures our pets lead healthy and happy lives.

City Regulations on Domestic Animals

Vaccination and Licensing
To protect our community, every dog and cat owner within city limits must ensure their pets are vaccinated against rabies. Additionally, dogs are required to be licensed annually, promoting responsible ownership.

Limitations on Number and Abandonment
Residents are encouraged to limit the number of dogs and cats at a residence to four, with exceptions for litters during a two-month grace period. Abandoning animals, leaving them without care for more than 24 hours, is strictly prohibited.

Leash Law
To ensure public safety and prevent accidents, dogs and cats must be on a leash or confined within the owner’s premises. This law aims to safeguard both pets and the community.

Livestock, Fowl, and Wildlife

Livestock and Fowl
While livestock is generally prohibited within city limits, specific exemptions exist for licensed establishments, targeted grazing, and properties exceeding five acres. Regulations on restraint and confinement aim to maintain a harmonious environment.

Glasgow celebrates the abundance of wildlife in Kentucky. While Animal Control Officers don’t handle nuisance wildlife, they can provide advice, and professionals may be called if needed.

Penalties for Violations

The city emphasizes responsible pet ownership through a tiered penalty system. Violations may result in fines, with the opportunity for reduced fines if promptly addressed. This ensures a fair and educational approach to enforcing animal welfare regulations.

Glasgow’s commitment to animal welfare reflects the community’s values of kindness, responsibility, and coexistence. By adhering to these regulations, we contribute to a safer, more compassionate city for both residents and their pets.

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