Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What are the office hours for Glasgow City Hall?

How do I find out if there are job openings with the City of Glasgow?

When is my City Property Tax due?

Where do I pay my City taxes?

Who are the members of the Glasgow City Council?

Where is the Veterans' Affairs office located?

How do I file a complaint with the City?

Where do I pay parking tickets?

Where do I get a business license?

Where do I get a Building/Electrical permit?

Where do I get information about my City garbage can or to request a recycling bin?

Where do I get a burn permit?

What holidays are observed by City of Glasgow?

How do I find out what is scheduled at the Plaza Theatre and get tickets?

What if I want to have a Special Event?

How do I reserve a City Park shelter, Ball field or the Lera B. Mitchell Clubhouse?

How do I report a gas leak?

Where do I pay my water bill?

Where do I pay my electric bill?

Where can I get assistance with my electric bill?

What if I want to plant a shrub or tree or put up a fence?

Where do I get a ID or driver's license?

Where do I go to register my car or get tags for my vehicle?

Where do I get a marriage license?

Where do I look up property deeds?

Where do I find out who owns property and other property information?

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

How do I find out about unemployment benefits?

What is the phone number for the Kentucky Career Center?

Where do I get an ID or work permit for my teenager?